nobody legitimately needs me and that’s a really shitty feeling

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 03:30pm
Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing except the fact that they’re willing to figure it out together. (via c0ntemplations) Wednesday Sep 9 @ 02:08pm


ngl, one of my favorite zuko and aang scenes. everything is fucking golden.

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 12:45pm
I love you but I wish we’d never met that way I’d be able to sleep at night instead of laying awake craving your arms around me shivering from the now cold bed that no longer holds your silhouette. I wouldn’t be buying packs of cigarets just to get a hit of what it tasted like to kiss you. I wouldn’t be crying in the shower and wasting as much shampoo as if you were here because I’m too distracted by the thought of you I wash my hair twice. I wouldn’t be walking in front of cars without checking to make sure it’s safe first. I wouldn’t be wasting money on alcohol just to get you off my mind for a few hours. I wouldn’t be broken. (via jessielou24) Tuesday Sep 9 @ 04:52pm

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 03:30pm

Poseidon’s Scuptures by Chris Burkard


Poseidon’s Scuptures by Chris Burkard

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 02:08pm
I didn’t say “I love you” to hear it back. I said it to make sure you knew. (via bl-ossomed) Tuesday Sep 9 @ 12:45pm




dying before your friends and welcoming them to hell like


this is it. this is my calling in life

Friday Sep 9 @ 03:30pm


you know that unexplainable sickish feeling where youre not really sick and you dont really have a headache but you just feel wrong and you cant get comfortable or find something that youre really into but you kinda feel too ill to sleep or eat its like your body saying “i dont know what i want you to do but this isnt it”

Friday Sep 9 @ 02:08pm



Monday Sep 9 @ 12:45pm
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